Taking Our Emotions to the Lord in Psalms

Taking Our Emotions to the Lord in Psalms - Reading and Writing Psalms
Life is full of emotions – sorrow, joy, confusion, frustration, anger, fear….

We can’t avoid emotions, but it's important we handle them Biblically.

The Psalmists offer wonderful examples. They were open and honest about their feelings, but careful to remember God’s faithfulness.

That’s one reason to read the Psalms. And, if you're so inclined, you can take it one step further and write personal "psalms" to the Lord, sharing your specific sorrows and joys with Him.

Below are eleven one-minute devotions based on specific emotions and specific Psalms. May they encourage you to take your emotions to the Lord!

Needing a Shepherd? Psalm 23

Concerned by the state of the world? Psalm 11

Filled with praise? Psalm 18

Fearful in the middle of the night? Psalm 63

Frustrated by wicked people? Psalm 73

Grieving? Psalm 25

Mistreated and slandered? Psalm 62

Seeking ways to mature? Psalm 119

Feeling your situation is “impossible”? Psalm 77

Wanting a safe place? Psalm 32

Looking for some wonderful prayers? 10 Prayers from the Psalms.

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